My glass does not fit snug on top the Bolt?




  • Mason


    Sorry to hear none were in your kit! I have created a support ticket under your email and a customer service representative will be contacting you to have a set sent out free of charge. 

  • Katelyn Dalton

    This is not exactly clear. The black O rings that I was provided with are too big to fit between bolt and the glass, I was also provided with 2 small clear plastic bands, I don't know if those are O rings also but they snapped on trying to wrap them around ceramic piece. Could you help me resolve this issue ?

  • Mason

    Hello Britain,

    I'm sorry to hear they were not included in your kit either. I have also created a ticket under your email address to have a customer service representative contact you about having a free set sent out. 

  • Mason

    Hello Katelyn,

    We apologize your smaller o-rings broke putting them on your device! These are designed to be put in between the two large o-rings already on the device to snug up the glass if it doesn't already fit snug. I have created a ticket under your email so a customer service representative will be reaching out to you shortly to have a new set sent out. 

  • Britain Buxton

    My spare O-rings were nowhere to be found in my Bolt kit and my glass is loose on top of the battery and just makes it a little hard to hit. I’m not sure if the o-rings forgot to be included in my order or just got lost in transit but I searched the package top to bottom and saw nothing. Is there any way I could get a spare packet sent out?

  • huntingfoolaz

    I am having same issue... Cannot find any "spare o-rings" in my kit. Pulled the foam out looking. Tried clear band thing that was holding the charging cord together. Kinda sorta worked. Will look forward to hearing from you to resolve this issue. Maybe they forgot my spare o-rings?

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