What happens when the message “Shortout” appears on my screen?




  • tushar tomar

    I just received my Bolt 2 today and since the first time i presses 3 times only shortout message is coming i cant even use it once

  • Deantony4921

    Same thing happened to me and ive yet to hear anything i didnt even get an extra heating element but my dosnt say shortout mine says check automizer and cuts off i litterly used once i knew i shoulda went with cloud

  • Mason

    Hello Tushar and Tony,

    I'm sorry to hear you guys are having issues with your products so soon after you received them. I've created a ticket under each of your names and email addresses and emailed each of you a case number. A customer service representative will reach out to each of you to get any issues resolved!

  • Mike Bass

    I sent Mine Back Yesterday they are Seeing whats wrong now .

  • Mike Bass

    used mine one it is fixed hopefully its on its way back today

  • Zach Randolph

    Can you make me a ticket too?  Same problem after long long shipping wait to get here...i get because of holidays and mass orders but i like the idea now i want the idea to work 


  • Mason

    Hello Zach,

    If you fill out the form below, you will actually get directly in contact with a technician over here at Dabado that will be happy to get you taken care of. This will be the quickest way to get your problem resolved without experiencing long wait times. 


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