How do I change temperature settings & how hot does the nail get?




  • Reed McCaskill

    I’m confused, seeming to have a bit of trouble gettting my bolt pro 2 to cycle to higher heat. On my specific device I can click it 3 times, beginning the process for the low temp dabs. It immediately shows me the little bar filling up, the voltage, ohm, and last thing on the screen. I tried to click it once there to get it to start a cycle possibly but the screen remained the same. It finished heating up, the color changed from white to green, the temperature pops up and I tried again to click the power button once to cycle the temperature up but it didn’t change at all. Could you help me out please? I’d love to find out how to power up the nail a little hotter. My device doesn’t quite milk up as much as I wanted or thought it would. With a good amount of oil there wasn’t much smoke and I’ve seen videos of people making some nice clouds

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  • David Hilman

    After powering up it should show a blinking temperature. That is when you press the button to cycle through Temps. If you can't do that then something is wrong.

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  • Mason

    Hello Reed,

    It sounds like you don't have the Bolt Pro 2 as the Pro 2 will allow you to select individual temperatures in increments of 50 degrees. Shoot us an email at and a representative will be happy to help you determine the device you have and how to properly function it!

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